I got 290, but I’m 10! I am very surprised.

I agree with Skinner,

Could you please send me your revision notes for Economics AS Unit 1 and 2?

Many thanks prof Armin Trost. your teaching on the subject was very excellent

The irony of watching this on a phone, great message but no one will do anything about it

NOT in explaining what the ACTUAL CAUSE of these sexualities is.

Nihilism 4 life… and then we die 🙂

Too many letters in the words,

+M Caner I liked these videos may be you want to add your favourite list 🙂

Little did Beethoven know what one day millions of students will be sitting on their electronic devices that hold all the information in the world and listening to his compositions to study. Lmao. I make videos on studying if anyone is interested!

I am currently reading your book The Fault in Our Stars and i like it so far. its very good read and sad yet also funny, as in sarcasticaly funny but also sad but its good so far.

When price is zero

Brahminism = subjugation of the untouchables and the Sidis!

Beethoven is better when you’re naked.

That being said, there were cases where non-verbal humans do not have the prerequisite factors to produce language, yet able to communicate through sessions of shaping procedure (ABA).


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