Keep it up sir plgggg



Youre awesome

We are going too be that lazy and foolish in our future we are going to have robots actually live our lives and we be unemployable to live. we will be grazing the fields been sheep’s while the robots would be classed as a shepherd or god doing all of our thinking. fuck that

Alot of people talking about Joss Fong makes me feel like I am in a “4chan” or “gag” website. Sure she is beautiful but come on..

Whoever does the text supers needs to learn the difference between an apostrophe and a grave accent. The spacing in the contractions is seriously borked—to the point where it becomes a distraction, in a place where the speed of delivery doesn’t allow confusion.

Daddy i love you

Saddam Hussein will never attack Iran without western back.

More at:

Awesome teacher i have ever seen in my life…… it made it so easy to understand

Sooooo, I’m artistic and creative

If you were my lec I would be soooo looking forward to your classes. They seem fun Lol😂

According to Rawls, on the decision of weather or not there should be a draft, couldn’t one reflect a true Veil of Ignorance if a vote by the people, and not congress, about weather or not we should go to war?

Just awesome summarization :DD


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