Social norms of the time were very anti originally. In losing God, he found how he is. You have a soul, the spark of the divine. His alters originally were just natural stone, that no man had chiseled. God made nature perfect, it works without anyone doing anything. Loving each other is accepting that all have faults, society at that time was not affirming this believe, of natural course he rebelled. Simply put, those who were for God did not allow for his word to prove to be true. In seeking enlightenment, they declared evil things God never said was and taught it as doctrine. The bible lists this as teachings of men, an over stepping of Gods word, to force conformity on people.

If you go back in time and teach young Einstein relativity theory, where does the idea come from?

Please school us on Heart of Darkness next.

Is it just me, or does the hero’s silhouette look like a tall, thin Mr. Incredible?

This. Is. Deep

Beethoven’s music is so wonderful! Love to listen to…

Nobody is making you do anything “alone” 😉

Everyone jerking off over the fact that they know Nietzsche wasn’t a nihilist

What bullshittery is this? is this not nonsense? households are landinputs? companies own land, not households, unless you consider family farms. Then if households own land and capita what do they need firms for? they could sustain themselves. i have difficulty with this model

Tudeh, the Iranian communist party, was a minority. Mossadeqs base of support was the moderate National Front, not the communists. He nationalized Anglo-Iranian because they treated their Iranian workers like slaves, refused to allow the Iranian gov. to review the companys finances, and refusal to share more than 20% of the oil profits. A majority of Anglo-Iranian stocks were held by the British gov., when Iran nationalized their oil, they were escaping British colonialism. British and Americans flooded Iran with bribe money and toppled mossadeq to regain control of the oil.communists had nothing to do with it, it was an excuse the British invented to gain Eisenhowers support. 1953 was a continuation of western colonialism

She makes him sound as if he knows what he is talking about, as if he is clever in his manipulation when what he does do, is speak to the lowest common denominator, to the basest in us, to the part of us that is selfish and mean and moronic, not because he is clever, but because he is selfish and mean and moronic. He was swept into power because thee are too many of us who fit the bill and because Russia got their way.

I. e. using expansionary fiscal policy to reduce unemployment

ББЦ нас убеђује да је прогрес што изумиремо. Јунак приче, партијска комесарка која упада у куће и убеђује мајке да не рађају. Нисте требали ићу у Бангладеш већ у Кину. А тек др Менгеле да је жив, био би идеални водитељ.

Best episode yet!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to be drafted into the army in 7 days

I love mr Bruff rn!! Our teacher showed us his videos and im always watching them now

Thank you for the lecture.

Yessss!!! Anybody happy that there is no ads???


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