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I, as a Christian, believe in the Holy Trinity, as it is a perfect representation of that connective nature. Amidst itself the Holy Trinity embodies connection through it’s triune nature being a balance between individuality and conformity, three individual aspects conforming to one nature and being. God connects to us through being our creator (the Father), giving substance to our spirits (the Holy Spirit), and living as one of us and sacrificing for us (Jesus). I believe that the physical scientific universe is a construct given substance by the Father, and that our spirituality is given to us through the holy spirit, and with the interaction of the spirit and the physical universe, that’s where our individuality comes from. We are put in this imperfect state with the God-endowed purpose of evolving, of self improvement, a goal that to be truly meaningful, has to come about through our own choices, and we are driven to understand this improvement through our experience of the positive and negative aspects of life, the raw self-loathing of disconnection and the substance that love gives us. Hence the duality of God having a plan and us having free will. I believe we come from a state of nonexistence into a state of imperfect existence, and once we die and transcend the physical universe completely we are given an understanding of our lives, which will be more or less painful depending on the quality of the lives we’ve lived, and that this understanding will purge us of any remaining imperfection and allow us to reach a state of perfect existence in Heaven, where we reach a state of pure connection with God and other human spirits. With such a God loving us, I believe he would have to put himself in our place at some point, and that’s where Jesus comes in, incarnating in the physical universe to live as one of us, to go through what we go through, to share wisdom (teachings of love, of the path to to eternal love in union with God and others that our lives are leading towards), and his self sacrifice is a large part of that. I identify Hell with the disconnection that is the source of all things bad, and believe that Hell would be total disconnection. Since God is all-loving, I believe every human being’s life culminates in Heaven, and that Hell is not something God would subject any of us to. I do however believe Jesus experienced Hell for those three days when he was dead, to truly feel the weight of suffering not only equal to but beyond what humans are put through in this imperfect world, and that such a sacrifice for our sake for a being who if he wished would never have to feel that pain to begin with is truly beautiful and justifies God’s all-loving nature.

(b) What is GDP?



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Walk with God, stand for you, love Him, so you may love yourself, and then in turn love your brothers and sisters.


Stronghol 2 el mejor

“I ate civilization. It poisoned me; I was defiled. And then,” he added in a lower tone, “I ate my own wickedness.”

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Thank you very much for assembling this simple and powerful approach to writing essays. I become so overwhelmed by the thought of writing an essay because I feel so lost in the organization of them. It has been something like a “hit or miss” situation. I feel a lot better about essays after watching this video! Thanks again. God bless you

The econ wasn’t quite with you.. you missed the bit about tariffs causing deadweight welfare loss and an overall decrease in welfare?

Does anyone know what level of economics this is? is it IGCSE level or A levels? (grade 9&10, or grade 11&12?)

It’s slightly comforting to realize that first year students at Harvard are just as clueless as first years at my University

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