Silly wabbits life itself is meaningless until you decide for yourself. Then be true to yourself.

I start watching all of your videos in Micro and Macro economics. Finally I started to understand the concept. Thank you so much. The videos are really helpful.

Not based on familiarity, but based on the easiest sounds to pronounce. Kind of a science language. Not something to play with, but something clear and easy.

Iā€™m not gonna lie, this Martin prick is a straight shooter and I like that. Keep it real even though it pisses everyone off.

(Or not)

Very much so. Thank you so much. I am so glad I have watched your Econ teaching radios. It’s really helpful to digest the concept. Cooooooooooooool stuff! ^_^

So I’m guessing you took that suggestion. So THANKS.

They use The Vedas in a wrong way. Vanarshama Dharma = Were the four castes work to Lord according to they qualities. Thats the real religion. Cause, no one is better then other.

Hahaha! I just simply love learning languages; the process is always FUN!

Love you from England šŸ˜‰ … you’re very helpful on the other hand you’re doing great.

Hello, Im looking for name of really good strategy game. There were

Can you make video about introduce yourself essay to apply for a job

Anti-Corruption, WINNING!!!… wait, nope… but…

Frodo is a hobbit, not a human

Carol Vance notes:

Whoever makes these videos obviously has no concept of how real social justice theory works.

So would it work with some other constructed languages? like Dothraki, Sindarin, Quenya, etc. maybe one that’s is more similar to English and less hard to talk with

Clearer. Thx a lot

Love his laugh


What a guy

Awesome bird. but id love to see a complete unedited footage..

Cars will drive them self so there will be no more death by car.


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