I Love rebels who question society’s standards.

Ok people. “Humankind” has been enslaved since time immemorial. This will not change. The very fact that some out there say it will is in itself, a fraud by virtue of the fact that it exists at all. Go home and take the blue pill. You wake up in your cozy, overpriced homes with your spoiled rotten kids and watch reality shows. Splendid!


When somebody adds in a greengrocer’s apostrophe to something I’m reading I first read it as a contraction or possessive and then have to realize they put an apostrophe in for nothing and that it’s really not supposed to be there at all. No, I am not superior to somebody who does that and I’m all for the creative use of language… but adding in an apostrophe for no reason, and in a way that changes the meaning of what you are trying to say to something you’re not trying to say, does mean you’re creative.

A retroflex trill is symbolized in Wikipedia as [ɽ͡r], where ɽ is the symbol for a retroflex flap. If we replace the ɽ with a palatal flap symbol, we should be now representing a palatal trill. A palatal flap doesn’t have a symbol, but many flaps that don’t have an IPA symbol are represented as extra-short plosives (stops) since they are the same thing according to some sources. A voiceless palatal stop is [c] and the voiceless flap should be [c̆]. Now we can add a tie bar and a voiceless rolled r and we get [c̆͜r̊]. The IPA doesn’t have a way to indicate ingressive airflow, but the extIPA does, and that is ↓. Thus a voiceless pulmonic ingressive palatal trill could be [c̆͜r̊↓]. In case you can’t see them in this comment, there should be a tie bar (an arc) above the letters ɽr and below the symbols c̆r̊. Such an arc is used to indicate affricates and double articulations, and it doesn’t matter whether you put it above or below the letters.

Thank you Miss Liz, but the words were very small and crowded

In German, nouns and their articles (or adjectives) change form depending on their case.

New Year!

I never played this but I found some of the death moans for the humans are the same for the storm troopers on empire of war-

Just noticed that at 0:57 the clip is taken from Numberphile (one of Brady’s channels), specifically this one

The animator of this video is the real hero

Please do maths

The killer angels by michael shaara was not on this list for some reasons

Very true..

This is pretty much allusion, I mean if this guy is a nerd, wouldn’t he know that?

Why the hell are the writings of tolkien at the top of the list? they set the standard for high fantasy, and were so well writ compared to catcher in the rye or Gatsby. bullshit of a list

Thanks, this is very helpful


Look at his nose.. he is JEW

I had not understood that point


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