He is so dumb he is a BILLIONAIRE and WON the presidency of the United States. I wish I could be as dumb as he.


The Klingon reminds me of when Supergirl “Green Martian” speaks and uses the same dialect as the Klingons.

Hi Liz, thanks a million times for all the tips and structure for writing section. I jus gave my ielts test today and it went well. fingers crossed to score a good band. wish me luck….may god bless you.

I don’t even think this is what intertextuality is. Intertextuality is like X2 incorporating The Once and Future King into the story, or Jean-Paul Belmondo’s character in Breathless modelling himself on Bogart, where your knowledge of a text referenced within the given work informs your understanding.


Very complifuckingcated!

“Sprache” is pronounced – if I write it in phonetical English – “shprakhe”, but you pronounced it “sprakhe”, a bit like the “sp” sound is pronounced in “Platt Deutsch”

Wow Moby dick copy much


I was expecting to see minion language

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

With dog = kutyával / ebbel (instrumental)

Preach it🌲🌲🌲

Great lesson. It’s help me so much…thanks



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