Well, yeah. I admit your opinion isn’t wrong either.

Google made the request of Chomsky for this ‘interview’. Chomsky accommodated them. So why didn’t Google make a honest effort to have a competent interviewer? As opposed to one who starts off by saying, in effect, not to expect very much from him, and he certainly lived up to that expectation. Different from the request for Chomsky’s time in a 2014 appearance at a Google event. Chomsky, after stating in a very straightforward way how ownership and advertising revenue have drastically changed the way news organizations investigate and report news over the course of decades, the ‘interviewer’ then makes the snide remark about not needing advertisers, appearing to be totally incognizant of the history Chomsky had just stated.

Thank you!

4:56 wht is he doing?

Despite that

I’m always curious what people, like you, who scream these kind of cliché slurs actually think is a viable alternative?

Cannabis can break inhibitions during social situations, but it surely isn’t as effective as Psilocybin in terms of long lasting psychological changes for the better. Not to mention cannabis can be a catalyst for schizophrenia, to persons who are genetically predisposed to it.

This was so helpful! Thankyou eve!

“Countable means that you can count them!”

Emzicabob xx

Holy crap you’re attractive.


How many?

Please restart this project

Don’t be brutally honest with them they hate it and run

Jack, if you do more videos of this, why don’t you use the jump command? It repeats the respective lines of command/s.

I’m trying to learn English, I can teach you German.


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