I am asking if America is democracy?

Dried reindeer heart is one of my favourite snacks.

In the south it’s called “Berliner” (or here in hassia “kreppel”)


Counter arguments: What if have to choose between 2 musli bars, you are unaware that the more appetising looking one will kill you. the other is just a regular nutritious musli bar. You are aware of all of these facts besides that the more appetising looking one will kill you. You pick the more appetising looking one and die. Because of your lack of all the information did you still have free will in choosing which musli bar?

Intertextuality is just a symptom of a problem much bigger that non of the big hollywood movies is original. its always the same characters and themes of greatness mythology and conspiracy in the same f&*#ing movie every f&*#ing time about that boring average guy with his super powers or about superheroes or a kind of comics franchise its several years of hollywood at its worst.


While I am not the biggest fan of Nietzsche, I absolutely love how well this show ties in his concepts while still remaining entertaining.

This is extremely helpful.

00:40 Yeah, like someone’s nasty racist drunk uncle. He is the ugliest American hands down, “believe me”…

What a stupid show. How can you watch this nonsense

Where would the producer surplus and consumer surplus be in the tax example?

This is it. All our jobs are going to be taken by robots. We will all starve

A universal basic income where working people make extra money might actually make sense in this future.


Dont say your are not part of him dont say you dint mess with animals like killing them making them as food dont say Your An Echo Guy….

Where is dostoyefski??

“Make it dark.”

Thank you so much.

When governments print money out of thin air, the study of economics (supply and demand) goes out the window.

Early in this series, Jacob points out that he and Adriene are not going to push their politics on the viewer. Within about an episode and a half, Adriene strays from course and shows heavy liberal bias in her presentation, and continues throughout the series. At some points I thought I was watching Crash Indoctrination Economics.

Why do these videos keep popping up in my suggestion box? Dammit Mom!


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