The punch line is she’s retarded now.

Sir aapne substitute aur complementary goods ka graph nhi btaya!

No novels by Jane Austin, no Hemmingway, not even Gone With the Wind? You need to do another top 10 list.


Page three hundred and ninety four

I don’t even put dots over my “i’s”. Does anyone else do that?

Very helpful for me.

No one thought it was creepy?

This is way to long..she should of stayed brief and to the point.. She rambled on to long..I lost interest after 30 seconds

Can you talk slowly.. i am not english.. and i need your great information…☺

It doesn’t matter we still enjoy watching you jack💩💚😜

Omg lots of bad arguments, but really interesting lecture. thanks!

Bavaria best Speak fuck of HighGerman and LowGerman :p

This is like so amazing keep doing what you do!

I really want to work on it’s interesting how people see me never the same different points of view. .

Cyprus, etc

I’d like to see some tutorials on personal motivation and procrastination. that’d be awesome

Whats the game at 0:07 at the real beginning? the first one in the coments, where the knights charge agaisnt the archers.


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