My Hart crying

Yea, words.

Hey dani can you email me any notes and written question and answers you might have for AS level economics? Cheers!

Where was this guy in high school

Badass driving stick

I am 14 and I’m fluent in English, Spanish and German and am currently studying Japanese! As long as you believe in yourself and are motivated then honestly it is a lot easier to adapt to the language given.

Mind blown.

Thank you!! I’m a fool non-native speaker student, so writnig essay is so hardful. but i can get some tips for my essay with your video!

The Devil and Miss Prym. A book that is awesome to talking about and debate but no one has read it! Though it does have really religious overtones… It follows a small town that is on it’s last legs until a stranger comes to town with a devil by his side, 11 gold bars in his bag and a offer up his sleeve.

I’m kinda learning more, reading out loud some scientific magazine from my collage, practicing pronunciation.

I hate percentages with a passion for no apparent reason… it’s just… 100 is so arbitrary. Saying 25% is identical to saying 0.25 proportion/perwhole, but with an arbitrary scaling factor that occasionally messes up your calculations. It’s stupid!

Nah fuck the future

Nobody is perfect. But she is overacting


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