This shit is unfair to india! even if they would abolish the cast system, poor would stil be poor and rich would stil be rich!

PeopleStream, a great video of HR Technology in the future. However, there is no diversity of ethnicity or visible Persons with Disabilities. Diversity & Inclusion helps immensely in the U. S. as a strategy to improve organizational effectiveness and employee engagement. What is done to build an environment of inclusion across Australia?

“Wide spacing between words” and “Rounded letters” are my handwriting styles and the traits that come with them are all true about me xD

Niranjan sir Is there any video available for the MBS first year Management accounting?????

You need to watch some Jordan Peterson

Thank You.

The video is 1738, what is this, 2015? Hehehe…. I’m sorry

Was that a good start?

You see, this is how you do it, with snl its just unfunny trump bashing, this actually has humor to it, meanwhile giving a political view,

Where is “Nothing” by Janne Teller? Where is “Fast Genial” by Benedict Wells?


Confidence would be to know your trueself, because if you are harmonizing with your spirit nobody can hurt anymore. If only people knew that it is our own controlling mind that is giving us feelings of low selfesteem, emptyness, worthless. Overcome the clutter of the mind and confidence will grow. Visit TruthContest read the Present, it explains the big picture of life, the nature of everything including the nature of your mind and how to overcome the negative parts of it

The problem I have with this video has nothing to do with anything Fry has said, as I basically agree with everything. Grammar Nazis are annoying and pointless and language is an art just like any other and can change over time, etc. The problem I have with this is how many people are going to watch this and look as it as an excuse to be lazy with their typography in contexts where it isn’t considered “appropriate”, even by Fry himself. Language is scaffolding for meaning and intent.

Not sure how it works if honourable mention is meant to be higher than the others, but Harry potter should of done better if it’s not, maybe not number 1 but at least top 10. The book has in it’s series the fastest selling product with 15 million sold in one day.

Someone should hook her up on a Lie detector while doing an interview. HAHAH I can just imagine how when she replies the interview the Lie detector man is like “lie lie lie lie lie”


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