Lovely! where was this during my college days

I linked this in my bio on instagram! How is his work not shown in schools and used for education?


Très intéressant!

Im loving this series!

WE CREATED OURS. What we see today is that some people have the interest in forcing through globally a pouring together, mixing these realities. Mixing the sweet with the salty. I dont think that will be a good combination of taste.

From now on, i will believe in myself no matter what or how people will think of me.

The essay we submit to college applications is a creative essay?

Overcome with ecstasy,

Your the best

Thank you for the videos but please stop this [and woman] BS! Are you guys freaking feminists?

Shitty face of Hinduism.

Great way to write itntro thanks for your share (y)

Implement this device, as well or pay discriminatory taxes.

Ye gonplei ste oden. ju stre jus dau.

Ohhhh so that’s why I kept thinking Peter’s face looked more orange in GotG2

Dalits are beautiful to me. I don’t understand it.

How to improve YOUR writing skills.

4:52 honestly I feel like a lot of these graphs and concepts can be more easily understood with a bit of calculus, but I understand why you want to avoid that. By knowing about stuff like concavity and integrals I feel like I have a more intuitive understanding of the graphs than if I didn’t know any calculus.

Cuando ahora odias a los humanos

I watch this every time I have to do a research paper which is every 8 weeks.

Are they from Harvard? Wow, they didn’t read Michael Walzer and his “Dirty Hands dilemmas” is a handbook of every smart human being: indispensable. They don’t read, they just offer their opinion like a tabloid man(women).

Please upload video in 720p hd


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