The feminism I talk about is the one that promotes gender equality (not biological sameness), same rights/treatment no matter what gender. A good cause. This feminism has slowly been radicalized into into something almost fascist with frauds like Butler riding the wave. The radicalization and man-hating gender studies rubbish makes it very easy for opponents to dismiss the entire movement.

I prefer concrete to barfed up fruit loops like dcā€™s color grading

You need the right people, not the best ones.

Anyone who loves Dizzy is alright by me šŸ™‚

It might be that it could be insightful but being forced to watch it and make notes irrelevant to ones own technique and approach to writing papers but to appease a English professor who requires us as freshman to learn about scientific research writing in about 4 different ways makes it quite hard to watch. The intro was slightly unmotivating but the lecture itself gives some points which i must agree with and might use when i actually get to research after finishing college.

If all of this were true you’d think psychologist would ask you to write a paragraph and not ask any real questions. Your writing would provide enough background for them to conclude their analysis and be done with it. Pseudo science has reared its face once more.

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Anyone knows how to speak Vietnamese here? I’ve been learning for a year and a half, but I only know how to speak a bit till now. But this speech inspires me to learn my favourite language in six months.

Thank you very sir, I am student of Human Resource Management

He was the face of Apple. Once he died, it is not the same.

If we didn’t do all this then this video would not exist 3 seconds no a site co. uk/url? sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url= shows us that we have been here for 1min 17 seconds so he’s fearmongering. and if we didn’t cut down trees we couldn’t write if we didn’t kill animals we could not eat if we didn’t make c02 plants would die so yes we destroy but we also create. elephants have around until 2050 but environmentalists claim it could be until 3010 but it’s hard to say as elephants in protected areas could create a large amo7nt again or not

Science and maths? hell yes!! I need a B in maths so I can do the a level and I’m just scraping a C in science ( hey I missed a lot of school okay?!) šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

may and do blatantly conflict with a religious narrative like Creation,

Great comment Gary Buck, you are clearly frustrated by the HR support your are getting from your employer, might help if you enhanced your career opportunities and aimed to work for a better employer who provides greater HR support. Stating that “HR people are parasites and should be put down at birth” isn’t a very clever statement, think outside the box and at least offer some constructive criticism to the HR environment…

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are awesome! My AP micro-econ. class just started this semester and I feel like I will benefit much from your videos in the near future!

There a second one

Basically, what we saying is young thug is a genius


This anchor is a arrogant ass


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