This video was very helpful.

Whenever he says “believe me” he is lying, that is why he is saying it all the time. I hope his shady and ruthless private deals will soon reach the surface and then his co pilot, who lives in another Christian Universe, will take over the lead… well at least he is not as hateful, generally mean spirited, twisted and utterly dumb as DJT.

Perfect. Straight to the point. Gives good structure.. aaand thaank you.

‘For the girl with the very sharp wire? No problem.’

When the price goes down de Supply goes down and Demmand goes up

I’m trying to forget Arabic I hope people aren’t really gonna speak, also it was pretty clever saying that we might be speaking Arabic for reasons that are quite obvious, it cracked me up :’)

Loginthief is a facebook hacking tool go to www. RussianHackers. com built by hackers

Only made for the money

Why is Paul Rudd making videos about language?!?!! xD


I think what you hate about her is she doesn’t let idiot-liars manipulate the conversation. Death to the pedophile s… your time is short.


Oh my lord he was so calm back then

The ideological function of celebrities in today’s warped society is precisely to drive home the message that success, especially financial success, has nothing whatsoever to do with effort or talent.

Hmmmm… so she is saying that most American politicians sound highly educated and intelligent? Bush? Hillary Clinton? Bidon? McCain? Pelosi? Yeah right. Trump is sharper than all of those put together.

Wonderful photography and respectful story of time spent among Saami people.

Excellent administration and business courses are offered in WCC’s programs. They provided true life applications so that the concepts are immediately recognized and applicable to business circumstances of today. You can not ask for a better start for a secure and intelligent business and/or administrative career foundation.

Name of the song at 15:20?

Thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful:)



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