You helped so much. tq sir 🙂

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I’m not even exaggerating this helped so much I would never have gotten my essay finished without this and I am starting to use it with all my homework and it’s causes me not to get distracted, I would seriously recommend it. I’ve tried over music before but it never work but something about this worked!

Microeconomics exist. But Macroeconomics are preposterous – a lie from the devil!

That was great! Bonus Bonus Round lol

Q moço simpático

Oh for goodness sake it dementia setting in, quit trying to put a spin on the man, he is disintegrating mentally, just watch his old videos, not the same man DEMENTIA my girl read up on it

Ever thought of that?

My teacher said we were gonna read this book, so he showed this to us in class lol


Goosebumps everytime!!

Now all you need to do is release a mixtape

This is sadly accurate

Microeconomic Question #1:

Tony robbins is one of the best motivational speakers

WOW that is my first RSA Animate video:

Who inhabited Greece, Italy, France and Hispania before the Indo-Europeans?

Thank you, that was very informative and precise.


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