He looks so much like Reggie!!!!

The way he says Iran is Arabic-ish.

Am I the only one that saw the dog at the end

My exam is in a few hours, thanks for the timely video!

This will be the world if the left take over.

U suck lol jk bro

You should not get any animal as a pet if it can live long or usaly are wild, that means over 20 years cause most likly the animal will suffer in diff ways cause it dont got its habitat/family/friends/food/freedom to move where they want.

I want this sound track lol

I don’t get this video but this is giving me nightmares. Fuck

Hwat now

Great belt, Jacob! 😀

Sir i. Likes your videos very much

Greetings from Theorist planet

Do EOS take place due to decreasing cost inputs in such industries?


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