That french butterfly is very strategic…

Why the fuck doesn’t it show all women’s abuse against men and stuff; all manipulation; cheating; having sex with men’s best friend in order to try to destroy him; all women’s madness; that kids raised by a women have great chances to become a fucking criminal and etc.?

First!, and great video Mr Clifford. 10/10 Would Econ again

What if I tell my kid about death at 5 years old in a very literal way(i. e. your body stops working and begins to rot away into nothing), bringing them this knowledge sooner than 8?

Waste of time

It’s part of a fairly large declassified CIA document that I did a report on a few months ago. The quite possibly phrases triggered my memory for anyone that wants to do more research.

Thank you for this — very useful! 🙂

So she said nothing other than what we’ve all noticed… I don’t think she’s actually drawn any conclusions from studying Trump, unless the title is a misnomer and her task was just to describe features of his way of speaking, which honestly, it probably was just that.

Ap Stephanie – What were the Safavid important for?

Amazing!!! Great Help…

I am re-sitting Edexcel Unit 1 on Monday, is this aimed more at unit 3? Any help would be appreciated.

Been up for 4 days now. i can so understand the leia chick… you cant even imagine the motivation.. though I already know the fall is only a few hours away now. I m really afraid to go to sleep.. I know I will feel like shit again when I wake up


Thank you

This is poorly documented, probably put together by an intern and never checked for facts…Setting Romanian, which is clearly a Latin language with Latin influence dating from early AD as Balto-Slavic completely discredits your effort. As always Business Insider doesn’t seem to check any of the facts before publishing something.

Nice work.. 👍🏻👍🏻👏👌

The dollars are different

What was the name of the black and white film?

He is also credited with introducing the term gender identity to the International Psychoanalytic Congress in Stockholm, Sweden in 1963.

Sir ur lessons are awsm..thnkew sir..sir there is a confusion if we sell our second hand thing it will be considered as final good or intermediate good??

Of the deed.” –

I like your letures and yes it has useful info. I completely understand milk and almond milk are subsitutes. But why would you drink the milk throughout the lecture just curious

Nihilism can involve forgetting about caring about anything, but the founder of Nihilism was also a person devoted to taking in the good things in life like family and friends, saying that understanding we have no place in the universe gives us all the more reason to cherish and love the people in our lives.

Interesting because in all honesty a Indian is just a fucking Indian to the rest of the world. They all smell like curry rich or poor.

Does this mean you should also present two opposing main ideas when paraphrasing?


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