Speaking – 90

“OMG humans are so horrible, we’re ruining the Earth and killing all the cute animals whaaaaa why do humans even exist”

Powerful than the protection of the individual freedom of consenting

20:51 *is an elegant accomplishment (or) is a charming thing; et al.

Soon, very soon……..

3:39 …Are you kidding me? That’s Harvard?

Who is dis dude hes man corny why they got him reporting this

I never get bored of trump’s grammar. He has so much grammar. Its yuge. I think he delights in being different

Thank u sir

You deserve nothing more than getting buttfucked idiot.

And it is quite irritating to hear Orange’s ineptitude described in such an admirative fashion.

My economics teacher is smokin hot but she’s horrible at teaching…or maybe I just get distracted.

Nerdwriter’s piece on how Trump speaks is much better…

Derrida please!

How does this channel not have over 1 billion subscribers? Every video is so illuminating and informative and I am finding answers to questions that were so confusing. Bravo!!!!

@thecritiquevirtuoso Zou niet willen zeggen dat Nederlands voor buitenlanders gemakkelijk is, maar wel dat ze moeite moet doen om Nederlands te leren. In de interviews in deze reportage spreekt ze Frans, wat haar niet veel verder zal helpen. Ik ben met de Vlamingen eens dat ze ofwel Nederlands moet leren, ofwel weg moet blijven. Ik ben een paar keer in Brussel geweest wat al behoorlijk verfranst is. Als ik naar Wallonië ga, kunnen de Franssprekende Belgen ook eisen dat ik Frans ga leren.

Sir i cant find ur utility and demand chapter plz upload sir

This was super interesting and very well argumented!

I ❤️ your videos! They help me a lot! Thanks a lot! 🙏🏻😉

But when you reduce interest rates you decrease the value of rupees and have trouble with imports. It also increases the inflation. You need to suck in huge debt to have cash influx. But I AGREE WITH DR. SWAMY


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