He’s in his 80’s man.. and this video is pretty recent, granted his delivery is not great but if i’m able to deliver speech this effectively when i’m 80 i’ll be pretty happy. Your comment is idiotic..

Children are very future learder

My handwriting is so messy, that it’s a combination of all of these…

/ Study history with this music 😀 recommend /

I think you’re misinterpreting Chomsky’s theory.

I always thought of a gap year as being a reward for working hard at uni & being able to take a year out after finishing uni and then progressing into a job. That’s what I thought, but have a good gap year ✨xx

You’re the man.

Thank you 🙂 Maybe I’m strange this way, but I always assumed that if people judged me rather before they got to know me that I was better without them. I always act respectful to others, but I don’t go out of my way to act a certain way to impress others. That would be different if I needed to impress a boss or client. That is the only time I focus on body language.

This video really helped me a lot!! Thank you so much! I feel more confident in my essay writing! Can u make videos on how to write different type of middle/high school essays?

Jayus lu

Unable to execute brain. exe

Jupiter Ascending has much truth….great editing looks fantastic…..i wonder if the link to the stores like Walmart and Target….there probably is the first clue to these cities underground…..we have the first realistic connection to these under ground tunnels and perhaps cities…..:-)

Innovation is basically what you just said..

Im connected letters

I laughed really hard at 7:44

Dear all,

I have my essay exam next week at least 500 words per topic. First topic is What is the value of Literature, second is The value of Pilot study, then The advantage and dis-advantage of qualitative and quantitative research. Sir can I apply those formulas. Thank you so much. More blessing to you and the whole family.

I’m writing my own book right now called “Freedom Fighters” if you ever hear that name again then that means my book is published and that it is a success!

But, I’m feeling, I’m caring, I’m healing, I’m sharing– a supportive, bonding, nurturing primary care-giver. My output is down, but my income is up. I took a short position on the long bond and my revenue stream has its own cash-flow. I read junk mail, I eat junk food, I buy junk bonds and I watch trash sports! I’m gender specific, capital intensive, user-friendly and lactose intolerant.


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