All that training has caused it so much stress thats why it has been shedding and plucking its feathers

What if I tell my kid about death at 5 years old in a very literal way(i. e. your body stops working and begins to rot away into nothing), bringing them this knowledge sooner than 8?

I got a self – assessment essay… (someone kill me)

Judging by the video, they were from Ural

Thanks for opening my eyes!

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Battles and wars….. the Earth will recover.

Plz upload hsc economic module

In above case which conflict management Techniques is used?

Man, I never knew that ch sound in German was so easy thanks for the tip, even if it wasn’t intended

Why is the volume so low? I couldn’t hear anything with the AC on. So I hit next.

3:18 this is my favorite part in this video

(Mika dances)

You do realize you admit to being the problem along with mankind

Puta madre tio, gracias

Young thug: huninsncjdnsnsjdndjsjdnfjxjdjddjd

Associate fighter belly friendship fast violent turn after.

The girl is such a great actresses cuz i hate her fucking guts

I just wish this video had the citations for the information that they used 🙁

Now come together as a family with all the fatherless blacks or u a racist

This is awesome right now I’m taking notes on this! Yay

bloodthirsty justice listen carefully!!!!.


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