Dominion over gift3 or known as storm over gift 3

What you call intertexuality, Hollywood calls “a franchise.” When your favorite little hole-in-wall neighborhood restaurant is sold, and rubber is substituted for the once lovingly made food, that’s a franchise too. “Homogeneity, “Franchise”, Intertexuality.”. It’s one in the same. (No pun intended.)

This is the worst, THE WORST presentation ever. EVER.

Haha ok buzzfeed

I slept well that night.

Yr don’t be overenthusistic

I need help!!!!!!!!! I’m in my sophomore year in high school and i’m kinda being serious about college already, and I’m scared! I don’t know what I want to do!! Most of my friends already know what they want to do. They have dreams and ambitions and I don’t yet. I don’t know what I want to do!!!!!!!!!!! I’m scared to follow my dreams because 1) I don’t do well at school 2) I don’t think I’m good enough 3) there are so many choices that I’m afraid I will make the wrong choice. I’m afraid of being unsuccessful and not making myself happy!! I’m afraid to fail my life. I want to have a great experience but how do I have an experience if I’m scared?? Someone give me guidance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good one. but the commands are in German, I believe. Is there an English one available? thanks though

7 thousand people tried the money trick

As I’ve gotten older I’m questioning my mindset towards certain beliefs more. For example, I noticed that my first reaction to a rape accusation was that of disbelief. Growing up I thought women should cover themselves up and that wearing certain clothing was worthy of abuse. That should a woman have several sexual encounters over the course of her life made her a whore. That a woman’s greatest contribution to life was being a mother/wife and that she should have no other aspirations, especially not those that were suited for men. The more I thought about it the more I realised I was a misandrist. None of those ideas were really based on anything, but instead seemed to have been absorbed through societal ideals and enforced by an insecurity I wasn’t aware of, that used other women as means for poorly building on my self worth through an ill educated sense of morality. I only wish I had realised these things about myself sooner but that I will as time goes on, question long standing ideas for their merit as opposed to the pleasure I get from them, especially if the end result is an attempt to take away the ability for others to live their lives the way they see fit. I endeavour to never again accept an idea without looking at it from as many angles as possible before making a decision. This I can at least pass on to my daughter in hopes that she will be more compassionate and understanding of others than I have been.

And thank you God, I swear it’s a miracle

Mr. Noam Chomsky is the best teacher in the Globe, I love him and follow him all the time.

Why must there be ties between the media and the establishment though? I don’t feel as if this was properly addressed.

What about the ones who can have multiple handwriting… I am one of them 😕😕😕

What about eleasticity of demand etc..?


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