Describing the entire left (and right) wing media. Such intelligent analysis with a stunning lack of self awareness. Hypocrisy thy name is Al Jazeera. Remind everyone what you do to people like Sam Harris.

Hablar de tu puta madre

In the first situation. Majority choose to save 5 people life.

I love when he destroyed Justin Bieber in a rap battle. It was epic

(which is there because men largely want sex with strangers, much more than women)

Foucault made fashionable this dementedly hair-splitting nominalism that now causes students, theorists and activists everywhere to imagine life before Western Industrial Capitalism to have been so strange, so incompatible with our modern ideas, that we are almost deprived of a language to describe it. If you ever come across some half-educated pedant who mocks your use of a perfectly generic word or concept (childhood, mental illness, sexuality) to describe a perfectly universal human phenomenon (children, psychotic delusions, sexual preferences), calling it “anachronistic” in the context of pre-modern history, you are dealing with someone touched by Foucauldian dogma.

Well than we have to depopulate the world with a pandemic and a few people can act like rich pensioned people playing golf swimming playing card gambling and other people are no longer needed like slaves and robots do the work, so no human needed any more, only causes trouble…

Civil war was complete garbage

I’m going to use this to take both the micro and macro CLEP. Thank you.

Outsiders find this hard to understand but the “language border” has been forced northward in history. Don’t forget that about a third of Flanders is now part of France, captured in numerous wars by tyrranical kings. Dunkerque, Lille, Arras ( Duinkerken, Rijssel en Atrecht) are examples of French agression toward it’s northern neighbour. Not strange that the Flemmish are protective of their culture and language.

Love it, i really hope white racist uk&us&europe can start again another big war to keep the poor very poor and corporations very rich thank you

This is awesome right now I’m taking notes on this! Yay

Maybe a bit too bloody

Socialism is the answer. True socialism. Not that crap the right spews to keep you afraid of socialism.

This lady actually looks like a walking skeleton.

All the atoms in the air and in the desert are dancing,


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