This is amazing stuff 😁

If your tea was bitter would you jumb or crawl

Make one on argentinian Jorge Luis Borges. Pleaseee

Can you PLEASE upload some more videos, they are very helpful

Everytime I watch her videos, I’m like “damnn, she reminds me of someone.” and I just realized you are literally the non fiction Spencer from PLL

#heywisecrack Auto Erotic Assimilation has a lot of debate on anarchism and contemporary social systems. Should we all devote in unity for the sake of our planet, is genetics our slavery and free will is just a myth? or should we all dress up like Uncle Samuelito and glide into romanticism in our search of infinite empirical pleasures?

I will develop an EMP like device that will make all self-driving cars go crazy and see how the cities fall apart insert evil laugh here

Do more

An American TV? That hasn’t been made in a long time.

Beautiful indeed, you earned a sub 🍆

I liked this essay format a lot! unlike some video reviews, you got right to the point, good context, good education, visual case examples. sprinkled in some levity, without the “trying too-hard” jokes. how do you think Guardians vol 2 faired in the step change?

Cost-Push Inflation

I think in most cases you are right, but in the particular case of a buffer stock scheme the floor is actually located below eq. price and ceiling is above eq. price

― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Cheat Emma lesson

Really all of this over a shirt because idiot’s think that it is contributing to sexism when a woman made the fucking shirt for him I’m so sick of these fucking SJW’s who have to shit on the most minute thing like could you focus on something else that is more important like I don’t know actual sexism that is going on over in the Middle East but I guess if they did that they would be called racist by the same fucks who complained about the stupid fucking shirt fucking conehead idiots.


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