Shame india shame. i love islam no cast system all the people equal equal.

Every sad God give u peace.


Milk causes hair loss? Good thing I’ve stopped drinking it, maybe now I won’t go bald until my late 20s instead of my mid 20s. 😉

Well done. I understand (or I think I understand) existentialism better by watching this video than by reading wikipedia. Thanks man!

Crash Course on Byzantine & Modern Greek History (500-1453-1821-Present)

What a great insight on depression, how it’s the loss of vitality not happiness..this is going to help so many people especially now during the holidays. Well wishes to all who struggle.

Never mind philosophy, is English no longer taught in schools there, the comments below are woeful

I think the story “The Library of Babel” is a better example then the dictionary with every word. that story is a story of a library that contains every possible book (with X numbers of pages and Y number of characters a page). There for it contains every possible bit of information in the universe. 99% of the books would be gibberish though. Someone made it into a website though and i think he references that website, if not in this episode then another. I haven’t finished the video. But it was a book first.

Amazing video, he is great!

Trust me when I say that this is true

In German, nouns and their articles (or adjectives) change form depending on their case.

9. The Metamorphosis

I’m Chinese. When I was a primary school student, we learnt Canada English, I can remember teacher told us “Z” pronounced “zed”. But it’s changed about 2008, all Chinese became learn American English.

So B. It By Sarah Weeks

When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises

This helps, thank you! Try cashew milk next time, it’s better, lol!


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