Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

This humor doe

Sir i want to purchase ur book of macro eco plz proceed me

That batman voice sounded more like yoda… lol

Supreme commander integrated with supreme commander 2 in space, EPIC!!!!!!!!!

The purpose of a government is to build international relationships between countries and to vote upon domestic concerns e. g. clean water, healthcare provisions, homelessness.

I love how in this comment section, everyone is trying to be professional XD

Yes BUDDHA waS born in


D. niebieskiemu pióru / niebieskim piórom

Hi do you teach Managerial Accounting?

Couldn’t the value of translation not be only arcos(1/3) but any unending constant value?

4.) Mauryans, Mughals 1 A. D

Wait wait wait. The German are decendet from Celts, proto german was sub-celtic. Or something else (._. )?

Loving this here from ‘cross the pond!


Freedom = Back to the jungle! – Voltaire

Sir plz upload the further classes of Financial Statement

Does Japanese have cases? Or what do you call these – ha, – ga, – wo, – ni things?

Reminds me of what David Mitchell does with his books. Recommend.

Verb conjugation(past):-ёй


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