“Look I didn’t want to be a Halfblood”

Highly recommended counterpoint to this video: / watch? v=J3jWI4cPRMg – an independent interview with two Pirahã, who see things a bit differently from Daniel Everett.

This was on the Wii U Nintendo E-Shop 😀 i loved the game too!

The “for you phrase” was incorrectly explained…because the you at the end of that sentence serves as the object of the preposition… not an indirect object…if you wanna do this as an indirect object… shuffle the sentence.. as what you did..

I wonder if Mr Clifford’s students watch Crash Course Econs and go, ” yooo, that’s my teacher!” That would be so dope

Wow India, a place I would love to visit.

This was the most enjoyable thing I’ve seen in a long time. thank you

Nice animation but isn’t this rich coming from Al-Jazeera, oil rich propagandists themselves. Convenient piggybacking onto Chomsky, a man whose career is obsessed with painting America as the imperial evil whilst blatantly denying the Cambodian genocide to fit his own fifth-column Stalinist agenda.

Yeah seriously, i haven’t heard anybody ever make these sounds.

I know a kid named Josh Wade he’s in my study hall nice.

Ideal approach under ideal conditions. Usually never the case when racing against time

Hi Liz,

I agree that the intricacy and the impalpable nature of the human mind accounts for all the myths of human language. After all language is just like human emotions, it’s merely a macroscopic phenomenon generated by the most complex object in the solar system which is the human brain. All linguists should be intrigued to the micro structure of the brain and its underlying mechanism. After all it’s a problem of physics, since brain is merely a system of vast amount of elementary particles, ie quarks, leptons, gauge bosons….. and it’s the physics interactions (presumably only 4 kinds according to the Standard Model) among those particles that “build” the brain organisms the sole source/Nature of all known and unknown brain activities.


What is the point of existence without jobs?

Hercynia (“Harz”-mountains), Ore Mountains, the Alps with all the Slavic

Sounds like dark souls


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