Let’s see you get an animal to do all this.

This sounds like some kind of undergraduate ramblings, for the most part stating the obvious. She seems to miss the more interesting subtleties of Trumps ouvre which is obfuscation.. ‘maybe it was the Russians, but it was also some others.. who knows? who can ever know?’. That’s where the real meat is if you want to talk about Trump’s oratorical style, not that he talks like a ‘non-presidential man in the street yada yada. (Maybe she got around to that but I has tuned out…)

People =Leute…

Known as: ‘Expectant’ – this simply means the patient is expected to die

I totally would have done OZombie!



I got my results back today and I got a 2:1!! And that’s after using it for only 1 day!! I would really recommend getting the booklet – if I can get 65% after using it for a day, imagine what grades you could get if you use it for even 1 week. It’s never too late!

U’re the best Teacher eva!

It’s their style, and I like it.

Excellent language and extension for 6 yr olds


Best screed against capitalism ever.

…not all my jokes are good.

Wtf are you all talking about 😂 idiots


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