Oh my god! you explain sooo well

Beethoven was gay and raped by a Turkish man

The speaker is trying to normalize Trump’s speech patterns and trying to make the case that they are intentional. They are neither. And any “normal” person who lies, exaggerates and boasts like Donald Trump is someone that most of us do our best to avoid.

Just because the traditional dialect characteristics are dying out doesn’t mean that the dialects in the US aren’t diverging. They’re simply being replaced with new characteristics.

This sucks dick u haters

Your a nit picking nerd who should shut up about this

So what if a student spends this much time on FB, or that much time watching TV, or sending that many emails vs. writing papers for classes? Is it gonna change anything? Very few generations created the problems they have to fix. They all create problems for future generations though don’t they?

Imagine that “Richard Parker” could save the lives of three people by dying would he be selfish but refusing to die?

30 seconds max. This shows that you talk too much and listen very little.

Well done Siddharta, good job

My favourite part of this video, “This is absurd.” 🙂

Thor: The Dark World (2013)


Got 20 seconds into the video and almost destroyed my phone in sheer frustration with the childrens educational programming style commentary. Truly couldn’t take this seriously at all.

The teacher — is that you??

That’s just one understanding of the transgender identity. Not all trans* folks feels that they were “born in the wrong body” as it were. Of course, some do. And “feeling” like a gender “on the inside” is totally a thing, but not all people feel that way. Transgender* is actually an umbrella term that is all-encompassing of all identities that fall outside of the M/F binary. The fact that so many folks identify that way is proof that the binary is flawed and constructed.

That was candy

Words don’t change form, but Turkish has a different quality which I think other languages don’t have. When we ask a question, we put a interrogative particle where we want to emphasize. For example:

Finding out that he died a month after this speech is so depressing after hearing his dreams.


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