Those who can should come to America. Yes, there are some bad sentiments in some people against Indians, but I think in their social standing they’d be much better of just being Indian in the U. S. that being Dalit in India. The the U. S. nobody would care that they’re Dalit, only that they’re dark skinned. But there is no Apartheid system here.

Mathematicians: “Hold out beers”

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I always wondered what all those rings and structures on the metal planets were for.

“I think they should” <--- no no no

Invisible hand theory…… we r going to continue to belive religiously that this well balance our economy even though we have proved it doesn’t work? i well stick with my belief in more corprate regulation

Very good info!

And i´m sure PA was´t the only game that went this way..

That’s an adventurer not a hero (yes an adventurer can be a hero and more likely to)

Do i have to begin by pushing the first word in the paragraph more right–> ?

Hi emma,, nice ways from you of telling & sending the information,,

Hey, I thought they wanted to see if they could effect real world events like get McDonald’s to bring back the sauce as a joke.. like breaking the 4th wall and having a true effect on our surroundings. if MacDonald do bring back the sauce is it promotional??

Is she pointing out is the rather obvious fact that there is variation in the population (biological/developmental) and that produces conflicts with established behavioral norms (that are reinforced through punishment). The problem with the preformativity model is that so much of behavior is non-conscious. I am sure people whose behavior contradicts norms are aware that they are preforming because they are in a state of calculating social behavior that is non-conscious to others.

LOL, these were my theories in high school. I’ve been following Rifkin’s work since 1975. He got a few things wrong with the science in this (I could send a list), although overall he did a good job.


It becomes even more sad when you realize he died only 38 days after this…

Am I the only one who loves classical music and loves to study to it


I haven’t applied to uni so I’m having a gap year by default but I just have no clue what to do in it! Very scary at the moment, the future seems more real and I’ll be leaving all the wonderful friends and teachers that I’ve had since year 7

Just please stop

Good effort


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