However, monetary policy is NOT done by government, it is by Federal Reserve – Private run banks with Fed Presidents appointed by US President, one new one every 2 years.

Further to this, Kevin Gold in discussing the disagreements between Google’s Director of Research, Peter Norvig, and Chomsky on the future of AI, makes the following points: “[T]he number of parameters in his [Chomsky’s] theory continued to multiply, never quite catching up to the number of exceptions, until it was no longer clear that Chomsky’s theories were elegant anymore…AI endeavored for a long time to work with elegant logical representations of language, and it just proved impossible to enumerate all the rules, or pretend that humans consistently followed them. Norvig points out that basically all successful language-related AI programs now use statistical reasoning.”

Nihongo de ok

And in writing task 1 my IELTS class teacher said that the conclusion is necessary and it is compulsory but you said it is not needed. Now i am again confused what is right. And I am also recommended that if i find something that tell me the conclusion is not necessary, that is not an authentic source or material for use.

Pronounciation of the polish example is weird, like it was spoken by someone who isn’t Polish, just by a learner.

Paul how many languages do you speak?!

There is no such thing as Untouchable. it was created by india to save donation.


This was really helpful! Thanks.

Netaon ne barbad kar diya

I haven’t had one lesson of Italian yet, and I am planning to begin but I don’t have anyone to practise with! Can anyone contact me to help me learn Italian?

Thank you.

The sudden loudness is a no go for studying

This talk in a couple of seconds: Don’t talk.

مقطع سامج

All your videos are so useful :)) Thank you


Didn´t get every detail, but I think I got the general gist of it. Thanks!

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Wonderful sirr

I knew the second Beth was blown up in the garage that the background story was fake! ಠ_ಠ

Kolo (neutral, meaning a bicycle)

Im not studying i just love classical music

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