Im from Germany and I realy needed this video. Well done. But doesnt it correctly mean outweights? I realy dont know.

15:34-15:43 Love that part lol!

Hilbert’s Hotel must be a pain in the arse for room service.

This is sooooo helpful. Thanks. God blessed. A bit fast though for first time learners. But very concise and precise.

You guys do a great job at explaining and a great job at making us viewers cringe.

And why does anything bring happiness? Because we want sex.

You have actually twisted and diluted the philosophy of Buddhism here. It’s a very western summary

Actually it was a kind of cool video i guess


CrashCourse, you make it really difficult to like you.

You are awesome! When I have some difficulties I just watch your videos and I understand your explanations very quickly. Thank you very much professor!

Learned more here than i did in my college honors microeconomics class at one of the top state schools in the country. tgod for great teachers.


Internet does not allow me getting much rest, that is, staying away from the computer.

They can bring it back, but to complete the game, and to even get it started, they need 1.4 million dollars.

1232 .663236 W | PID: 4436 | 3136 .419222 [4436:3136:WARNING:(0)] Unable to duplicate surface handles for GPU process!

Hopefully you read this right…

“Oh dear I am somehow more bald”

You misspelled civilization hehehe.

She really does look like the “after” in those before and after meth pics

Reasons why sanskrit is better national language than hindi or english.

I just read to kill a mockingbird in English it’s very good

I always felt Tiberian Sun was better than Red Alert 2.


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