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He’s got spaghetti on his spaghetti already, moms spaghetti

Omg the Open O is SO TRUE ABOUT MEE

Excelente BUT in furbish its a little wrong cause in japanease dosnt have L, so “da no “la” wont work

Thats a pity.

“She got a big booty so I call her big booty” – Mark Twain

I had to write an art essay last week.

Are you afraid to ask him to comment on this topic?

Goddammit Paul.

Anybody who still likes this Ass Clown is a hypocrite and traitor to the US. Enough is enough… I’m sick of it.

It is better to let some be hurt through inaction, than to hurt some through action.

Very good indeed

Oh? tell me, do you know any egyptian philosophic texts?

I need a clarification :is it appropriate to introduce a point not originally part of the essay question? For example, you introduced ‘diet’ into the introduction above. Thanks for the clarification

Someone needs to teach Americans that clothes don’t come in “on size fits all”

Its my guy black science guy

Will Grayson Will Grayson

Indian should be wiped down from planet, need to be clean genocide, they have no right to live, than give all India to this untouchable people to live free!!

Board a vessel may be thrown overboard to save the others is sanctioned.

I would rather not do anything about it and just let it all play out.

Idc. if ur inner sucks. then u r sucks. (some of ma rules)

However, I suppose language has a more personal connection with you. If resurrection is possible, try to revive the oldest ancestor you have and asked whether language was used for practicality or for nuance.

Shouldn’t there be a “g” in “effing”?

I hate writing but I need to like it because for the examinations… wooh…. this is going to be pretty hard… Essay here I come!



Dutch, Czech, French, English, German here. Would love to learn a new language like polish!

Thanks for the explanation! but by the way, I think the background music is distracting me from the subject.. :\

Martin shkreli respect. I like him.

All it takes is a beautiful British accent to keep my attention

How can you leave the farm?

It makes me :(:(

I have most of these Novels! Catcher in The Rye and Huck Finn being my Favorites?

Português, aprendam todos português, nós brasileiros somos um pouco atrasados e não conseguimos aprender outros idiomas. Gratidão.

My handwriting is pointed letters. All of that was true except for intense.

Who painted his eyelashes and eyelids?

I am confused by interruptive images of people who are not speaking. what does it mean?

Yes, Freud did a lot for psychology as a discipline and some of the topics he addressed. But that doesn’t make his theories right. I thought Freud had crackpot theories long before the flame war w that idiot.

The guys voice doesn’t make this video sound better. Still sounds like a 1980’s video. Time to catch up to today’s time. Make this interesting.

I learned a lot, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 💓


Slaughterhouse 5




No marvels first 3 movies were iron man, the Incredible Hulk and iron man 2

I am stupid

Imma try it tomorrow!! Thanks for the videos. They help everytime!

Do the Power of One by Bryce Courtenay please

I did it twice and i am 16-21 and 55+

Thank u sir for the video Im really learn good points about essay. Sir can you add some exercises about essays?

Awesome thanks for the use of the video it changed my mind and I will be able to do with the following document and or privileged attachments

I thought of the exact same scene in BVS that you showed! I got chills bcs I was thinking about it when you showed it 😂

Can you please please please slow down and show us what you mean by useing people as examples you kind of went to fast I couldn’t get or read all of it =( im sorry

And all actions act upon the environment, and also shape us in that process.

El pelo de beethoven se parece al mio :v

Wow. Do u know that you do a lot of interesting games? Because, most of your videos are interesting!😄😎😎

A one quality sir..👍

At least an honourable mention to Song of Ice and Fire

All hail Mr. Clifford!!! He quit his teaching job for us!!!! Pass the exam and follow your dreams!!!




Young Bernie could get it 😲💦

Give me an ape with a banana any day! Apes don’t lie, but they are just as aggressive as Toxic Trump is…

SSC CGL + IBPS Quantitative tricks –

5 page essay due today and I didn’t even start 😫😫👏🏻👏🏻

This Guy is fat

Reh Quee Um. Not Reh Queem. You seem to have trouble with a lot of words.



WTF Space RTS + Normal Land RTS, for the first time I see this kind of game, looks nice, I am glad that people everyday are coming with new ideas and pursue them, so everyone else who is interested can have a good time.

Yes, Romanian does have the masculine-feminine thing 🙂 I guess it does seem strange and extra complicated for a speaker of gender-neutral language to learn. But I like it 🙂 I guess….

What I don’t get is, if one currency is exchanged against the other then surely the supply is the same for both currencies! ?

Plants you shouldn’t eat.

It’s not a motive, its a motif, or what you described is a leitmotif. other than this, great video

God bless your teacher.

Sir you’re great teacher….

Thank you Armin for this lectures, they are really useful.:) Specially now, when I have to improve my English for my work:)

As though they were like you.

Leaf a like



You are very welcome!

“Irrational attachment to freedom.” Yeah.. uhh.. no.

Perplexed and bewildered,

Jounrneys 1:17 😂😂😂

im at the “accept me/pick me” in my college career.

I was lost but now I am found! Thanks and God bless!!

Wow! It’s really helpful.

Greed is a dog; falsehood is a filthy street-sweeper. Cheating is eating a rotting carcas

Tony you are the best. Even after 9 years of this video

I cant write for any eassy like you pls help me,, bcoz only 20 days for my exam.. i want to clear for 6.5 band enough pls help pls help……

Howdy yall im from taxes!!!!!!!!!

Best professor ever.. you make HR more simple and easy 🙂 thanks SIR

Thank you this is excellent. chuck freeman

This guy talking about the effect of young thugger not anything about how and why or if this was damn well intentional. youtubers commentators mad becuase they dont like being analysed like subjects but truth is if u listen to music u have been effected and that is open to examination. well done again, this was an intelligent analysis

I’d like to know how non native speakers deal with jargons, phasal verbs, slangs and business lingo, if all of these things are made of words that doesn’t mean individually what it means together, they can’t understand by the context because theses stuffs are out of the context. How to solve the issue?

Que bien gona gracias por la nueva serie me encanto

Lack of knowledge, lack of education, lack of teaching….I am a dark skin West Indian from Guyana and I find this documentary repulsive. I’m so furious with Indians – I believe they are the worst group of ppl that promote self hate within themselves. Regardless of skin color-they are all one ppl “Indians”. Darker the berry sweeter the juice… I’m always attracted to a darker skin tone especially in men just my preference.. Be proud of who you are and love yourself. We are all God’s children!!!!

The penny just dropped.. nice… thanks!



OH PLEASE! The Clinton and their backers do the EXACT same thing. Makes me crazy…. as you said “trying to staple jello to the wall”.

A lo mejor de Mi litlel infernó cuando llegues hasta arriba te encuentras con el personaje de litlel inferno

Actually while dialects are dying out you will notice slight differences in the standart German in terms of pronounciation, words and grammar. Eg in my area people like to mash words together so instead of “sag mal” they say “samma”. Another rather infuriating thing people in my town specifically like to do is to say “wie” instead of “als” when making comparisons. Eg instead of “Er war besser als ich” they say “Er war besser wie ich” and I want to murder whenever I hear it!!

I wish I could read.

I whis that everyone was like this man

I am so impressed well done @patrick Willems

1. Kniha(book) pl. 1. Knihy(books)

Mississippi wind chime

You can rub me like that pvc pipe bb

You need to touch on Per Capita Income Index, PQLI and HDI too.

Anyone else thinks he sounds like Vince Vaughn?

More science grads should become interviewers!

Please stop doing this emma is enough


The video is informative. Thank you.

Thank you. Very clear, with some humor!

Accusativ: велику рибу = [i see] big fish

Good information but the sound quality is not he best!



Mother F##ker

She’s wrong. No relative of mine speaks like this. Nobody I KNOW speaks like this unless it’s a six year old child trying to convince me he didn’t eat the cake even though his face is covered in chocolate and the cake was found under his bed.

Washington Compost, why dont you concentrate on REAL NEWS for a change, More Jobs, More prosperity, Health Bill, Tax Cuts


Was this frightening to him at first when the sentence in his head wasn’t the one that he spoke? Or he doesn’t even know he doesn’t make sense. Actually I think you wrote that he is aware of it… It’s so nice that he has a positive attitude. Is his brain affected in other ways, like – he has a firm grip on reality and all, right, he’s just unable to understand what people say and to form logical sentences to describe his normal thoughts? or are his thoughts jumbled also? is he confused? Sorry, it’s just fascinating—and scary as hell…

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Why would you add music?

Est ce qu’il prend bcp de ressources j’ai un pc pourri

They seem insane.

My chanel HR

I speak English, Arabic, Russian and Japanese…

4. Doctor with five patients and one unwitting “donor” – Let the five die. By killing the one guy who just came in for a check-up you would be doing irreparable damage to the implicit bond of trust between doctors and patients. People who might already be hesitant to visit their doctors might well end up avoiding them altogether out of the (thanks to you) reasonable fear that they might be cannibalised for spare parts. The long term outcome would be a massive increase in harm that would affect all of society.

The video addresses a lot of the problem of students today, but I see a lot of them as self-inflicted. If you didn’t buy that laptop, you wouldn’t have to work so much. If you didn’t watch so much TV and spend so much time on Facebook, maybe you’d be doing better in school, etc.

My steps are just:

Really helped me on my essay 🙂

That’s for the Early Release no the full game…

Thank you!!!

Yes that is a good book. Stick with law enforcement experts over people like Paul Ekman. Microexpressions are nonsense from everything I’ve seen. Also focus on verbal analysis if you can find good law enforcement texts on that topic

I think he just taught me more in 6 minutes than 2 weeks of my lectures did..

This just makes me do my homework without me even realizing it. I just get to work.

So… what abut Canada.. its English and French

Patient your best effort.

I also really like what Stephen said when he stated – “When you’re in the grips of a manic episode, you don’t really believe that other people exist, YOU are the centre of YOUR universe” – sums up mania completely.



Wonderfully beautiful.

Really enjoyed de lecturers. i now understand equilibrium very well. God bless u

It’s an anti Israeli, semetic course pro arab shit!

Great speech. Very informative!

I’m just glad to see that they’re no equivocating socialism/communism with centrally-planned economies.

Fantastic advices

Red Alert

Buddhism is not a religion. Most of people are going to make it as a religion. Its also like Atheism. They never believe in anything. Buddhism teaches you how to live 🙂

Jeez people, calm down. These are quite clearly first year students, they’re still probs 18 – 21. These discussions massively enrich their thinking capabilities, for many of them this is the first time they’ve ever contemplated such moral dilemmas. THIS is how universities create the thinkers of our societies. All you people are just envious of their opportunities – get over it.

This is the game I wanted, so why does the entire planet explode when I hit it with an asteroid?

@leah_1235xo is my twitter

Much bether whan u can hack :DDDD


My snapchat is kylie-melville

My teacher failed to explain this. But you totally nailed it and made it dum simple. Thank you!!!!))))

It’s called advertising.



What about “The order of things”?

It’s too grey and not colorful

Steve jobs is dead whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

That country next to England spoke WELSH, not English

Omg… I also do shower conversation, and kitchen conversation too. 😄😄

Thank you!!

I love this so much! It’s adorable!

Grrrr, indeed, we need both of what those two types of people do. We need science to innovate, dicover new idea…, To make our life better, easy and exciting. On the other hand, we need equality to make sure that nobody get oppress anyhow, and everybody get their rights which may be obvious.

Im not coming down on the interviewer… I just think he happens to be a great example of the intelligent folks of the younger generations. There are gaps there… times when their knack for data processing and coding leave a void in more broader and humanistic intellect.

Azucarilla confirmado jajajaja (ojala xd)


This is me when I’m writing a paper and have to make it so confusing that the teacher just gives up and give me that A

Thank you so much. You explain very good, not complicated!!!

you’re obsessed with masturbation and porn and its obvious nobody wants to work in your hell.



This shit is unfair to india! even if they would abolish the cast system, poor would stil be poor and rich would stil be rich!

PeopleStream, a great video of HR Technology in the future. However, there is no diversity of ethnicity or visible Persons with Disabilities. Diversity & Inclusion helps immensely in the U. S. as a strategy to improve organizational effectiveness and employee engagement. What is done to build an environment of inclusion across Australia?

“Wide spacing between words” and “Rounded letters” are my handwriting styles and the traits that come with them are all true about me xD

Niranjan sir Is there any video available for the MBS first year Management accounting?????

You need to watch some Jordan Peterson

Thank You.

The video is 1738, what is this, 2015? Hehehe…. I’m sorry

Was that a good start?

You see, this is how you do it, with snl its just unfunny trump bashing, this actually has humor to it, meanwhile giving a political view,

Where is “Nothing” by Janne Teller? Where is “Fast Genial” by Benedict Wells?


Confidence would be to know your trueself, because if you are harmonizing with your spirit nobody can hurt anymore. If only people knew that it is our own controlling mind that is giving us feelings of low selfesteem, emptyness, worthless. Overcome the clutter of the mind and confidence will grow. Visit TruthContest read the Present, it explains the big picture of life, the nature of everything including the nature of your mind and how to overcome the negative parts of it

The problem I have with this video has nothing to do with anything Fry has said, as I basically agree with everything. Grammar Nazis are annoying and pointless and language is an art just like any other and can change over time, etc. The problem I have with this is how many people are going to watch this and look as it as an excuse to be lazy with their typography in contexts where it isn’t considered “appropriate”, even by Fry himself. Language is scaffolding for meaning and intent.

Not sure how it works if honourable mention is meant to be higher than the others, but Harry potter should of done better if it’s not, maybe not number 1 but at least top 10. The book has in it’s series the fastest selling product with 15 million sold in one day.

Someone should hook her up on a Lie detector while doing an interview. HAHAH I can just imagine how when she replies the interview the Lie detector man is like “lie lie lie lie lie”