Why am I even watching this? I am struggeling to start write down my story for years now… I’l begin. now. (sorry for bad english, I am bad at sentences ;))

2. English TV cartoons (Tom n jerrry n stuff)


Good one

I’ve been teaching in the U. S. Observed quite a bit after having gone around (different states in 10 years)…coming from ‘outside’, it’s easy, in fact, crystal clear to me (and to many others teaching in the U. S. who didn’t grow up in the educational system of the U. S.) how the over-emphasis on ‘academics’ and standardized tests coupled with so-called ‘teacher accountability’ (that has become a trigger point for ‘finger-pointing’ among teachers and parents for their kids not learning) can actually be a process of “un-learning” for many children.

This looks a bit wrong. Where is Latin? Where is old Norse?

When did prince vegeta become a doctor?

@Thugnotes, can you also do notes for math and other subjects? I just thought that would be pretty neat.

Artistic and creative!

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Juro Por Mi Madre, Que le voy a dar like a este comentario

Narzędnik (Instrumentalis)

9. Some androphagi (Germanic) tribes of Scandza, explicitely of Dania

Don’t be fooled by how he talks, because if you run against him, your campaign will be in the bottom pit. He is a lot more educated than the words he uses to communicate to the citizens. Have you listen to his talks in Poland. That’s the real Trump. He had to stoop down in a humble position and say it like it is, just like how we do or want to do. The hand gesture is the same training they teach lawyers when presenting a case, the humor is a tactic we use in business to gain client trust and assurance by repeatedly saying “believe me”. You say it’s stupid, but all of these small gestures you call stupid has been studied and proven to work in courtrooms, business tactics, and even preachings. You say retarded, but he is standing in the presidency because of what you call retarded motions. He is genuine and no other president is like him and ever will be him. That’s just Trump. He speaks his mind and tells the people like it is. The people love him for that. We are tired of presidents talking professionally and smooth silky tongue, then turns around and do the exact opposite. Trump is the only president actually keeping most of his promises. Obama made it seem like he’s keeping his promises, but turned out that it’s his legacy and benefits only him and his Isis group.

I love u Sir

I am having my boards tomorrow! and i am starting my macro now

Did u know that if the world’s oceans were put into a bath tub then 1 teaspoon of it would be drinkable freshwater. Now this makes u realize how terrible we are

I will find this pretty interesting and maybe funny to watch bcs im a toxic memelord that will trigger everyone :^)

18:56 best part of the video


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