Claiming that the protection of morals in the public interest is more

Keep up the fantastic work!

Man this is dark..

I just wanted to say that the 7k people who disliked this must feel EXTREMELY threatened.

-Romeo and Juliet (ughhh)

Teacher: You made a mistake DETENTION

H Paul Honsinger Man of War series. Its a honest to goodness A+ space opera channeling star trek, star wars, and. battlestar galactica. Give it a shot and reply to this if you liked the book.

I am thankful that heroes like you still exist to save our grades.

He who believes in Jesus/Yeshua has true freedom, and further, the fear of death is erased since those who follow Him have eternal life.

Superb… user friendly…. Could you please share complete source code of it with me via email at: Will be greatful. Thanx 🙂

This is way Better than Rap crap

How does Stefen not have at least 1M subscribers yet?

Great video


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