Actually im not studying. im countering my sister’s electro i think it’s called with classical and i have the quieter speaker so this aint workin rn

So you’re telling me humans need not apply?

That girl is so fucking beautiful and she’s acting n agreeing to do this says to me that she’s against the type of thinking portrayed in this video which makes her 10 times hotter lol

I agree that the treatments we currently have seem.. lacking.

Btw pills make people worse from what ive seen. more violent. more depressed. not to mention numerous side effects that make you have to take more pills for fuck big pharma

@Icannottolerateit You’re young, and you believe in a god, so I understand why you’re not “getting it.” I’m nearly 40 and have spent years on this matter, so I’m familiar with your tactics (mainly misrepresenting the other person AND avoiding your duty under 1 Peter 3:15). I never admitted to “knowing so little.” You are arguing against yourself, not me. I am being honest enough to admit I don’t know everything, that is true. You, however, claim a god exists. Prove it now, or go away.

Thank u this video helped me a lot 😀👍


I have a English liteture mock exam tomorrow inspector calls and a poem what we don’t no doesn’t tell us so we need to learn 15 poems I revising at the minute so stressed god help me in a month time with 4 English ones hate year 11 xx

That was actually so eye opening! Wishing you all the best Jade! 👍😊

The only way that the catcher in the rye is a good book is if its burning in a fire

This isn’t a histogram. its a bar graph.

>Show me one link between any evolved creature

Helpful Tips for Academic Students!!

I must have missed the part that was funny.

The background music is giving me anxiety omg


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