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In that situation woulden’t “blow” an oxymoron used to show how quickly the time ends? I dont know but thats just how I always interpreted it as.

Actually that might be an interesting topic idea… can movies based on video games be successful? Intertextuality plays a totally different role there because everyone owns the experience of the main character. I don’t think you can appease an audience watching someone else play a manifestation of themselves without relying heavily on the references to the jokes and culture of the game… I mean if I’m watching someone else play through for entertainment reasons its for those in-jokes, if I’m bonding with someone else who plays its over the same experiences the way you talk to someone you went to high school with when running into them years later. Even Mass Effect which has interesting central themes I think couldn’t avoid tapping into that at a criminal level.


Hello i’m still confusing about my matching information skill in reading passage and i need some tips for it. However, i can’t find it can you help me?

Sorta skimmed over the business cycle then made proposals that cause it… lol… your god (keynes) is dead… don’t be afraid to move on without a govt.

Wait if the devil exists in this universe then shouldn’t God or is it just him on his own

Why did you walk out?

Fuck it, give me the blue pill already

Should have gave him a family and see if he would teach his kids english then let em free then 20 years later there will be hundreds of parrots talking to eachother and probably making new words

Chomsky: the only man who could write a 200 page book on terrorism without mentioning islam!

Eve should I take Politics and any German advice?

Sorry for my plain english…

Sir apki video dekh k national income sach m bhot easy lag rhi h, thanku sooo much,☺☺

0:53 He looks so much like Ed Milliband!

Is this stuff aimed at children? I feel like your talking to a child. Kind of annoying.

A friend asked me today but I don’t know the answer. What has arms but can not hug?

See Trump? THIS is how you tell jokes. Not that monotone nonsense you were doing.

I’ve played this and this was so fucking painful to watch


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