Have you heard of ICS

This is good Stuff, to smoke my blunt too.

Do you have subsidies video?

Thanks for the video was really helpful!

Effect on the reader?

Heroes nerver die (overwatch)

This movie is beautiful, this movie is touching, gets to your heart, to your feelings. There were moments where I almost cried. But beware: this is how it is MEANT TO BE, that is the purpose. These are the TOOLS used every day AGAINST US. Our own FEELINGS – this great weakness of us – are being used shamelessly to make us form a DIFFERENT OPINION over things that we already have an opinion about, made by REASON.

”Reasons 4”? LOL

Now he’s generally known as the “most evil man in history” by doing what… removing the ones who created the system.

So yeah, something’s not right.

I need essay writer. Please recommend.

Is it just me or does he look A LOT like dennis reynolds

Thank You!! very helpful, i will be watching all your videos since i find it better than just reading. thank you Sir.

This is what FASCISTS DO WHEN FASCISM has gained a foothold! The inverted fascist totalitarian corporate coup d’etat is complete! We have a hollowed veneer of democracy and institutions in name only! This will all end badly!

Its almost offensive to think that the people that say they are trying to empower women or the sorts would treat women as if they were so weak minded that something as basic as a shirt (designed by a woman mind you) would be so soul crushing to that it would prevent them from following their dreams.

Thanks I really needed this video I mean light bulb! lol

Who’s watching this in 2017??

Once upon a time an angle and a devil fell in love. it did not end well. – daughter of smoke and bone.

The doer gets the prothoma bibhokti e(if it ends with a consonant) /I(if it ends with a vowel). Rame bhat khale, Ram ate the rice.

Learned something new today. Thanks!

Sc: adambell21

In norwegian, we have grammatical case in some pronouns, just like english. We don’t have it anywhere else in any of our written languages, but in a lot of dialects we still have dative, which comes from old norse. In old norse, they had four grammatical cases: nominative, dative, accusative and genitive.

Why are you reading this? Why are you not doing your work. stop procrastinating

I like all your videos. Keep it up Paul and a happy new year


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