Don’t Forget To Be Irrationally Exuberant!

You can have as many gears as you want so long as it gets the job done.

Probly? Probably.

Totally nailed it!


Can you apply the term to something that is an adaptation though? Isn’t there an element of insertion here?

Sooo, germanic languages started spreading up through Scandinavia a bit a after the year 1000? Around the same time that polish, bulgarian and romanian (!) magically appeared where used to be russian? Oh and yeah, they speak lithuanian in Latvia, nothing in Iceland and english came from celtic. gr8 map m8 i r8 8/8

Jack do u know the song come with me now?

Yes, we are inundated with homages as crutches for storytelling. Yes we could use better, more often.

Great idea, mcpartridgeboy. We’ll ban people suffering from bipolarity from procreating. But why stop there? Perhaps we can sterilize the mentally disabled? Reinstate Naziism’s Final Solution? Promote slavery? Maybe you’d be better off spending less time blaming others for your issues and more time taking responsibility yourself, you self-indulgent, entitled prat. Good luck.



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