But then when I saw Christian people in the United States with their up tight and short dress, accessories everywhere, talking to other girls with prideful, the guys wore amazing tuxedo and comparing one another tuxedo or saying how cool the tuxedo was and also some kids were just playing with their ipads and ipads without talking to other kids or elderly people there, i walked down the church while i was running in the evening, then some of them looked at me like i was kind of Asian shit around their church, I felt really broken. Is this how Christian people dress, treat, other people around? is being prideful and wealthy and rich is the most important?

Jack the electronic skeleton is called koko

Real answer: you guys already know no explaining needed

That helped so much. I can finally understand this topic. I read my text book chapter on elasticity and understood nothing. Thank you, keep it up!

I’m a little bit confused about why making more and more of one good costs you progressively more of the other rather than a proportional amount. Explain please.

Alex died on my birthday..?

Seems pretty cool, hope to see more the beginning ones were to boring

I am from ontario but I talk a lot more like the maritime provinces. I pronounce car as cer xD

‘Happy Atheist Day’


Shout out to the creator, for the hardwork.


Having a job is selling your work for money. It is implicit in the requirement to sell such work for a salary to ACQUIRE ownership, that ownership of the resources is not a priori. Science and politics don’t mix well, in fact that’s a central debate in modern political philosophy. Just as much as the VP lacks proof of their model’s plausibility, the opposite is just as true, and is also the case with the current system.

Scenario four: Forgo the five, do not murder.

Like if theres been an accident and they came out okay and need comfort, that is what I mean

I really can’t find Indians who speak English like the stereotype. I find that even vendors on the street have better accents

Yeah, tough gig… sweetie-pie: Analyzing & Studying the speech style and pattern of a Complete Idiot.

Mark Cuban!

As a linguist, I would love to see what this scientist has specifically found out, because what she says in the video is pretty obvious and apparent to anyone who watches five to ten minutes of Trump’s speech.

Get ride of FEMALE HR!

That is really very useful Mam,

Thank you very much for this video. It was very helpful!!

Can you do a video on all the different types of form in Macbeth?

What’s the name of the last song that starts at 4:40? I looked up both song titles at the end of the video and it was neither of them.


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