فيديو مدته 12:25 دقيقة ، يعرضه م. محمود شراقه ، يستعرض فيه الباقي من الفئات ، العشرة الرئيسية من موضوعات الإدارة الصناعية ، والتي لم تستكمل في الفيديو السابق وهنا أيضاً نشرح تفصيلاً الفئات الفرعية وموضوعاتها من الفئات رئيسية الستة المتبقية … وفي فيديو لاحق سوف نوضح كيف نصل للمعلومات تحت كل موضوع منها

It was not india it was the British, who did it at that time… plz correct your stats and history info. I think it is a promotional video of TATATATAT steel

How about this…?

Linguist is not a psychologist, they have no knowledge about anything other than how language is typ[icaly used.

Correction, Frodo is a hobbit.

Overal the game was solid last time I tested it, it could still use some work in finer details but the majority of the game felt good.

Saw this in class at university last week and loved it. Brilliant conceptual comprehension of the English language statically/in a modern setting, in addition to its evolution as a communicative medium.

This is the BIG PICTURE.. We are being divided by our owners by all the small pictures they want us to see & hear make no mistake about it we are enslaved to the system until we unite against this system of enslavement we shall never be free… Just look at what is going on today…Divided we are & divided we stand… Exactly what our owners want to keep status quo…Are you aware of what generation they already have budgeted for we’re talking about your children’s children’s future already spent to a debt that can never be repaid…A never ending deficit of a over reaching government of spending & threatens to shut down our government every year like clockwork…Wake up unite against the New World Order of Globalization for this will be a good start..

Noam Chomsky should take Viagra. He will be more activeboth physically, in body, mind and spirit. He just sounds like a washed up shell of a man.

Ive watched this 3 times and almost cried

15. hyperbole/metaphor

Dear Liz can we use in my observation or in my experience?

I’ve just watched the pilot episode, but based on what I’ve seen, this video only talks about the setting, but there are many great ideas expressed, that have nothing to do with existentialism. I like how they ridicule social stereotypes and really encourage critical thinking. I think I’ll enjoy this show

Dang it, too bad this game got cancelled would of loved it…….. well maybe they can turn it into like a cool super hero or villan game or army game or something cool, love the art style of this game

I write really small but im loud, outgoing, basically what large handwriting was

Hi madam liz, if in writing task 1 is above 150 then any deduction in marks, how much is acceptable?

Hi Professor,


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