Still keeping your polo

I’m sure the similarities will get stronger as the game continues. Not sure how much Tango has worked with Assembly Language, though.

He, s got a great vocabulary. HE TOLD US THAT HIMSELF.

I could imagine obama watching this and cracking the fuck up with joe

I followed this techinique in my GCSE english literature exam in May and got an A*! Thanks šŸ™‚

Isn’t the Boy ate an appetizer accustive? I’m a newbie but Im pretty sure in German that would be Der Junge aƟ einen Apfel, we use einen instead of ein, because the apple is yhe direct object

This video was d best…….exam k pehle ek baar dekhke jaane se bahut confidence aayega

6. The subsequent war with Iraq when west openly armed and supported Saddam Hussein was conveniently omitted. Iran’s policy today is highly affected by this event (and with ‘Axis of Evil’ symbol too).

Jacob, these videos are so helpful! Thank you for making them.


Absolute savage xD

Mr. clifford i love u seriously u have carried me through my entire microeconomics course

Ohhh man trump cabinets and trump himself will make a great comedy show for the next 4 years šŸ˜‚

Are you taking IELTS exams in the named countries Iran, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bahrain

Well said. but also missleading. this was a shirt that offended people who wanted to be offended. this got so out of hand that it was plastered over news and all over twitter/fb. it was people who were angry at a body type that exists. it was people tearing down the walls of this guy who liked a shirt. i have a sister with a similar body type. she loves the attention and your theory of feeling threatened comes into play so well here. the people who offended and make mean comments are women. usually unattractive short and overweight people who try to rip others down instead of build themselves up. we love winning and the people like my sister win in life. nice guys, travelling, cheerleading… she has a scholarship for crying out loud. and these people feel threatened cause they are left out. and they hate this feeling, so they make it someone elses problem and try to say that it was out of their hands. the modern feminist isn’t someone who travels a lot or plays sports or has romance. they are scared and close minded so they build this narrative that is just simply put. toxic.

“Get away from the people that tear you down”

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Batman is kind of selfish just to satisfy his own resolve of not killing instead of benefiting for future lives of all of joker’s prospective victims.

Gona eres un crack con todo eres como yo en minecraft pocket edition que para que veas mi canal se llama jefferson salgado gona miralo porfis te amo

Animation is good, for your kind information Sanskrit not originated in Europe. Those all are theories, no proofs and one more thing you did not talk about Dravidian languages which are much older than Hindi. Good time to go back History classes.

Th dg lik th ol an evybody laufed.


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