The folder-project-things are really useful as I used to get loads of extracts and it enabled me to keep them all together and really accessible.

I love the information these guys are giving me. I don’t love their attempts at jokes.

You may be able to identify patterns, but they’re not rules. There are no actual standards to ebonics. It’s slang that developed from a culture that was largely denied education in which members of black communities are more inclined to be influenced by peers than white teachers.

Where isHungary?!?!

What channel/ interview was this recorded on? Thanks

The Dodge leaked the oil, And everybody laughed.

Is he the one that was writing lyrics for Nirvana?

I enjoyed this. And can’t imagine having to learn this and use it in my job!

You state “Americans are choosing to run a trade deficit. International trade like everything else in economics is about trade-offs and choices and winners and losers…”

| __||__|.–.–..—–.

No Pride & Prejudice. No Frankenstein. No Fahrenheit 451. No And Then There Were None. I hate you, WatchMojo. I hate you.

Why is klingon a real language

You can correct my english for sure. I am not english. Even I would be, you know how to ask on very gentle way…

Everybody’s on the same page, although the social scientists and thinkers are too manipulative and disingenious to admit their intellectual bankruptcy and their actual position on this question.

When u start paying cash for school, u’ll stop texting and blogging while in class. is how you write a paper


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