I don’t think who ever made this list knows about literature. Nabokov’s “Lolita” might be his most famous novel but not his best…not at all.

Because Al Jazeera don’t pump out propaganda do they……..?

Just don’t make an infinite loop -_-

Thank you for this summary

One piece of statistics caught my attention. The “Women earn 60% of all graduate degrees, yet hold less than 25% of STEM jobs.”

This is dude is like… autistic when it comes to languages.

I couldn’t finish watching the video. It just so angers me a lot. Caste system should be abolished and this is my belief. All people are born into this world and die just the same. I find categorizing people as untouchables or servants totally unacceptable.

Your opinion will be much appreciated liz 🙂

Turn off the plug sockets you aren’t using, take showers, pick up litter, help a stray animal in need, protest, try to stop a truck that is illegally exploiting dogs for dog meat, go VEGETARIAN, go VEGAN…

Boy proof was one of my favourite books during my teen years!

I bet he can fix my truck..

Starting a career in HR….this was such a great message. Thank you!

All these mental doc’s always exploit the most extreme cases! don’t most institutions have a special building for extreme case and where the patients of botched lobotomies live??

It made me feel depressed :/

Now remember kids this is the part of humanity we dont speak of if aliens ever come, and if they dont this is why

This is fucking tedious.

How can i improve my vocabulary and grammar skills?

I do want to pause and particepate in, but i found these videos just now and i’m going to have an exam 3 hours later. what should i do? i don’t need to get a high score. i just want to pass the exam. help me please!

It is hard to remember the order when one just feel he/she needs to write something. You may argue my point, but I said what I saw.

I think that the reason why, as many have suggested the students seem a little underwhelming (to put it euphemistically), is that most human are selfish and most talents best suited for managing the education system will choose to work in the more lucrative industries. There’s little that the 1% of selfless talents working in education can do to make it better. (Putting it more euphemistically again).

Also, very often people oppose grammar due to desire to be more free to express themselves. I hardly find a day go by without seeing SOMEBODY, usually on the internet, granted, defending themselves to such a tune


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