This is amazing

More fake news…

Surely trying to find meaning in something absurd is even more absurd than characters finding meaning in an absurd piece of art?

Hello! what do you mean by 15% and 2% interest rates?

He sounds like a sneaky sociopath who owes the Russians big time.

2 assistance (calling my banners)

I forgot what I was watching. I don’t think this is the best approach lol

Idk wtf everyone else talkin bout but good job charlemagne, i cant believe the other two didnt help you out more that guys a piece of shit

WTF is RUSE? Most innovative RTS out there?

This is stupid

Mr bruff please make video on how to ace AS LEVEL commentry cambridge. please

You are God.!!! The truth will set You free.!!! The story of Your freedom – computers and robots are tools best tools, AI (artificial intelligence) computers and robots will do everything for everyone, everyone needs help and independence, best of all robots work for free – utopia.!!! Robots will be in house doctors, dentists, engineers, scientists, inventors, bricklayers, carpenters, make and run businesses and farms, vericle farms, everything, generate money, capital and productivity like never before – the acceleration of science and technology.!!! Best defense against robot is another robot superior

He predicted Game of Thrones!!! 12:29

Every time he speaks, he proves to me that he’s a pathological liar.

I went to elementary school in the early ’70’s in Elmira just south of Ithaca. We used to hitchhike up to Cornell on the weekends to beat the shit out of the seniors and finger-bang The Chi Omegas. It was the ’70’s. We were 8 year old Catholic school bad boys tripping on Window Pane and we hated you Cornell pussies.

Wow, I’m surprised The Diary of Anne Frank didn’t make it. 0_0 Not blaming WatchMojo because I know they didn’t really get much of a say but I’m shocked that not many of the voters mentioned it

Thug top 5 currently

I wonder what dr seuss books would be like if he made them today “listen you bitch ass elephant, i hope your fatass goes deaf and catches mad cow disease.”

I’m learning Turkish language on my own also want to learn French and Italiano. I know Spanish and English. I’m looking at Korean movies and could understand. If I watch Italian movie I could understand too. He is on point ☝️

Been there, I feel this mans pain. I broke myself from a southern accent. Oil is one of the tougher words for sure.

“Do it now bitch…”

Who else has to watch this for school


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