Here’s the second part.

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Emma is prety, cute, beautiful and hot and i like her

I wish that they still made these

If a product is purchased and used and then resold in the same year, then how is it categorized?

Looking forward for intelegent answers.

If crippling laziness is depression than i better be admitted to a goddamn mental hospital.

I’ve just learned how to write a Five-paragraph essay in just 11 minutes and 52 seconds. Thank you so much for this video!

Very interesting. Emma, Thanks for the class. Nice Day

Thank you so much sir….

-Spanish is my first language so I can speak it perfectly

Es increible saber que era Sordo…y podia componer obras maetras.

Dear crash course: Please Please Please do something relating to the works of H. P lovecraft. Personally I would recommend a crash course literature episode on “At the mountains of madness” Just please please do something about lovecraft.

The problem is that when someone finally steps up and takes a stand, they have gone insane. They are likely to kill everyone or commit crimes. This is a world where if you don’t conform to society you either snap or you keep working your worthless life away, The reason i called the life worthless is because you are spending it on a job you likely don’t even enjoy. That’s why i’m going to become hopefully a engineer, because it’s a job i will enjoy, not sitting at a Mcdonalds feeding this generations fat, undeserverving money begging trash bags.


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