That’s true… I don’t think I fully understood what fry was talking about until your comment, so thank you. I worry about how this video will be viewed by some as an excuse to do things like “u” and “itz” which is really, like you say, is fine, but I fear they will use them out of context and expect to be taken seriously. Just like clothing, language is judged by some.

We are the dominate species

You should have illustrated how the use of these cases is not just to waste time. Languages use those form to allow speakers to flip the senetenses’ order without distorting the meaning. For example, you can “Chicken ate I” in some languages without distorting the meaning that “you are Chicken”. Turkish Arabic Spanish and old European languages are good examples

The way he explains depression is breathtakingly beautiful.

And no, I don’t believe in biological determinism but developmental psychologists have known for decades that boys and girls differ from an early age, before even any socialization happens. To claim that all “performances” are constructed randomly without a biological basis would make us wonder how male and female behavioral universals could have arisen at all. The same patterns can be noticed over and over and in societies that had no contact with each other and that’s way before this globalized world in which we live.

I agree with quite a few people who argue against the use of the word “intertextual” to describe what is more of an emotional appeal or callback.

Plz sir……upld variation and change in demand

Still not seeing how I’m a slave. Life seems pretty good for me and most people I meet. Get a job, start a family, watch some TV, eat some good food. Is there supposed to be something sinister behind that?

Theres only one way to find ou-

The human race must also have negative energy towards others who they do not see as part of their extended family. firs tit was the people over the hill, then others in other religions, then other states. now what you’re doing is saying let’s join all the energy together, but you’re not eliminating the negative energy that follows, you’re just directing it outwards, towards either god or whatever aliens are in the universe

Please make this game a thing. it looks compleatly awesome

Are you going to make one for a developing country? Thanks

I love him! he ‘s the greatest

Prince Ea for prez 2020

The ‘apparently kid’ in 50 years

I am in EDM 310 at the USA and as a current student I relate totally to the views on this video. I think things definitely need to change. As a future teacher I will do my best to incorporate hands on methods that will help my students learn. The traditional method it exactly that traditional, but it is time for our classes to incorporate more technology and fun ways to learn. It will be easier to remember these things taught versus cramming and remembering long enough to put it on a test.


Soory, I can’t watch you do this ‘-‘ you are so bad, you can’t even read english. I know making a video + a gameplay is hard but really… You couldn’t use the jump button..?


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