Portuguese doesn’t have cases but it has vestiges (i. e. not a real case system) that shows up as word variations especially in personal pronouns, like “eu”, “meu” and “mim” (I, mine/my, me).


Wow poor guy, so skinny here and his voice has even changed.

The class was Awesome.

I’m a beatboxer who is very interested in a phonetical analysis of beatbox. This video is is wonderful! Good work!

One of the few youtubers who put quality over quantity

Why do i feel a 9th grader indian student must be more smarter than this lot??

This is Top 10 20th Century Novels in WESTERN WORLD.

This was extremely helpful and great advice! Thank you so much for this video!!

Btw one thing is a right to speak your mind but that doesnt mean you have the right to be intolerant to other people based on race, sexuality, religion etc.

– Sonata 22 in F Op.54 – I – In tempo d’un menuetto

3.Other resting stances…for instance when someone rests with their elbows on a surface, or when someone leans up against something..

Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism is the answer here lads.

At the last one I was like, “HA. I knew you were cute”

I do not switch from topic to topic randomly during a discussion, neither do my friends. again, it’s what idiots do.

German language is a crime against humanity…

Plus there’s Mighty No. 9.

“stop violating me with your different opinions”

Trump is a hypnotist and targets the weak minded.

Awesome video thank you

Amazing. Deserve my first comment on youtube!

Very interesting presentation, I learned a lot


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