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In summary, from the analysis given, it is clear that attaining a healthy body is a culmination of exercising, eating right, leading stress free lifestyle as well as properly hydrating ourselves through proper daily fluid intakes.

This should be Modern EducaShaym

2. You said kapla in a way too happy of a manner for Klingon… Makes it sound fucking weird.

Love Alex!

2. You said

So now we should look for the new form of energy that will unite more of us. In a way I see it happening, with trade agreements and places considered the same such as “Muslim world” or “western world” or the “east” example is the Paris attacks United many westerners from many nations of course the entire world came to France’s tragedy but I feel as if the west felt it more. So a type 1 would unite us all

Is he John green?

At this point i give 0 fucks about the world. i’ll just live throught this shit and die. nothing matters but people still care about other people.

My favorite one of all time

Why is the title in portuquease

In spain most of us are bilingual since born, bc we live in regions that have 2 oficial languages and in school they teach us with both languages. Then we learn english and french/portughese. For some people it’s still considered a handycap to be bilingual (with thoose regional languages like catalan or euskera) even some politicians said that it’s pointless to teach those lenguages. What do u think?


This mans a gansta, his real name is Clarence…

Everyone type in the chat Alex is a stupid

This linguistician is both banal and naive. Drumpf uses ‘Believe me..’ to preface some utterance that is going to be a breathtakingly egregious LIE even by his standards.


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