Born with knowing 4 languages(Chinese, English, Cantonese, Malay),cuz Malaysia is a wonderful country.

Fuck him, he doesn’t talk like any friend or family member of mine, he talks like a sales pitch “believe me “fuck Donald Trump!!! and f*** this stupid women!, any woman who sticks up for Trump’s an idiot

Thing is, started watching this video 6:47 and its now 8:53 and im done, so i call bs on the 2 hour promise, i spent 2 hours and 6 minutes. but srsly thank you so much, this really helped me out.

China has been criticised on One Child Policy for decades because western propaganda takes it against human rights. In my opinion, in certain extend, it was against human rights, but when I look into a bigger scale picture, it had helped lots of proverties jumped out from stravation and suffering. To me, the basic human right is a person can survive and living healthly, then they can start to persuit more happiness and work on their dreams.

Not being funny but why would people want someone who like this woman just said about the way trump speaks so someone who is like them

Has anyone told this woman about kickstarter/patreon/gofundme/whatever they’re called?


This planet was made by God as a temporary testing ground to decide who goes to heaven or hell for eternity. No need to worry about destroying it.

This was great, thank you.

I feel like this video needs a revisit, or a part two. I can’t get enough.

In clear English, if I understand Skinner right (which I probably don’t), he offered an empty raincheck when he said we don’t need to talk about representations, schemata, conceptual thought, planning, control hierarchies, innate grammar, and so on, to explain verbal behavior and verbal comprehension. That’s because he never offered a mechanism free of mentalistic paraphernalia (concepts, grammar, computation, etc.) flexible and intelligent enough to participate in a high-level or heated discussion — where small changes in other’s verbal behavior, such as the words the interlocutor picks, or their intonation, change completely (and coherently) the mechanism’s verbal response. He just left it at “it can be done” and never bothered, like J. J. Gibson, to explain it. And I don’t think it can be done.

OMG, you are the milk guy!!!

Thank u man

Truly true

I don’t really get what’s hindering women from entering stem classes? What do you want people to do? Tell every woman I know she should’ve studied engineering? How about fields that are dominated by women? Is that sexist also?

10. The Lord of the Rings


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